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CMC s.r.l., established in 1981, operates mostly in the aeronautics sector which remains today its core business. Extended on a 22.000m² headquarter landscape area, it includes a 2.500m² production area, a 200m² storage area and 1200m² of offices and laboratories space. CMC s.r.l. is a funding member of Apulian Aerospace District. CMC s.r.l. is divided into two business units: CMC Aerospace & CMC Labs.

 CMC Aerospace initiatives are focused on:

  • Production and assembly of aerostructures under customers' specifications and design;
  • Production of assembly tools and equipments;
  • Design, production, assistence and maintenance of equipments and systems for aeronautics, space and defence fields.

CMC LABS initiatives are focused on:

  • Energy harvesting/scavenging technologies;
  • Wireless Sensors Network and Actuator Networks (WSANs);
  • Very low power integrated microsystems;
  • Microchips and sensors’ design (also MEMS).

Few numbers about CMC:

  • 90.000hrs/yr structures assembly capability (tail booms, winglets, cabins, wings, fuselage sections). 
  • 12.000hrs/yr mechanical & metal sheet parts production for vertically integrated sub-assy or spare parts. 
  • 18.000hrs/yr engineering support (design, technical management, production flow optimization, and others). 

CMC Production mainly involves middle and final assembly of aerostructures, hydraulic systems, cabling, electrical/electronics installations, avionics (in-house or remote peak load outsourcing); metal sheet parts design & production; production of vertically integrated parts, sub-assy and assy (metal & composite); primer and final painting service; design and development of assembly frames & tools; design and development Special Project; construction machined parts; support for daily assembly needs: quick production of tools and assembly frames’ parts and upgrades; aeronautical maintenance/revision and configuration upgrades (Certified ENAC/AgustaWestland Part-145 Base Maintenance). Some of the projects in which CMC has been involved are: helicopters A109, A119, EH101, AW139, AW169, AW189, AB212, AB412, A129, NH500, SH3D, HH3F and US101; engines SPEY 807 and RB 199; airplanes ATR-42, ATR-72, G-222 and MRCA. 

CMC also provides a wide range of services: quality inspectors (assurance on production lines & offices), document editing, certifications issue; CAD/CAM services (CATIA, Vericut, SolidWorks and other tools); design and development of special projects machines; assembly/Lead-Time optimization; quality improvement; paper/digital assembly instructions.